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Speaker Calibration



The listening position will always be just beyond the 1/3 line from the back of the room unless you install in-wall speakers, then you should sit on the 1/3 line.

This is for the optimal position.

 1. Speaker positioning will always be just beyond the 1/4 line from the front of the room.  This will be for the optimal position in the room.

 2. Subwoofers will always work best on the 1/4 lines from the sides of the room.

 3. These are the golden rules for speaker, subwoofer and listening positions.

 4. This can be calculated within 3mm accuracy from any given specifications of the speakers and subwoofers.

 5. These calculations are made according to the radiating point from each speaker and subwoofer.

 6. To calculate to pin point accuracy, can be assisted via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Speaker and listening position Mapping calculations for rooms 

The Online Installer

How to calculate the most misunderstood placements of speaker and listening positions within any given room.

  • Take the room length and divide it into quarters 1/4 and thirds 1/3.
  • Then take the distance between the first 1/4 line, from there front wall of the room and the first 1/3 line of the back wall of the room and call it (X)
  • (X) will now be the distance from center to center of the front baffle of each speaker.
  • (X) will also be the distance to the listening position from the center between the speakers.
  • This gives you 80% accuracy of the speaker position and is the simplest way to get as close as possible to the correctly calculated setup.
  • 100% Accuracy can be achieved with the following data, which we will be needing from you
  1. Width of the room:
  2. Hight of the room:
  3. Length of the room:
  4. All data specification of the speakers in use for that specified room:
    Make and Model
  5. All data specification of subwoofers, if used in that specified room:
    Make and Model
  6. Is it an open room:

  7. Is it a closed room:
  8. The measurements must be in (mm):
  • Speaker and listening positions can be calculated within (3mm) of accuracy
  • Setting up with a laser measuring tool will help achieving that accuracy
  • For an accurate and most musical performance from your audio system contact Hermann Maischatz
    at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will calculate and guide you through a perfect installation of your audio system
  • Start with the 80% set up as explained above and experience the difference so far. If you like what you hear, then contact me for the ultimate experience of your audiophile journey. 


Contact Hermann at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1.  At this MECHANICAL CALIBRATED SPEAKER POSITION your sound between the ( L.SP ) left speaker and ( R.SP ) right speaker has the same volume level as the physical speakers, which lets the speakers disappear into the SOUND FIELD. This SOUND FIELD will stretch from left to right front wall.

2. MUSICALITY will be a major contribution from this MECHANICAL CALIBRATED SPEAKER POSITION.

3. This experience can transport you close to the REAL EVENT and it will let you forget that you are listening to a HI – FI.

4. You will always hear the SOUND FIELD from  ( L.SP ) to ( R.SP ) Throughout  ( L1 ) to ( L5 ) LISTENING AREA.

This means that you can hear from ( L1 ) also the ( R.SP ) and again you will hear from ( L5 ) also the ( L.SP ) clearly.

5. At ( L3 )  your speakers ( L.SP ) and ( R.SP ) will totally disappear in the SOUND FIELD  and you will not be able to pinpoint your speaker in the SOUND FIELD.

6. The SOUND STAGE will expand beyond your room walls.

7. All the reflections in your room will be perfectly minimized.

8. Professional damping material is thus not needed as a result of the CALIBRATION.

9. SCALE of musical instruments and vocals sounds expansive.

10. STANDING WAVES will be reduced perfectly so that hard surfaces will not be problematic anymore.


Mechanical Speaker Calibration Basics

The Best Hi - Fi in the world only sounds

as good as it's installation .

Calibrating your OWN Speakers will make

the biggest difference to your AUDIO SYSTEM without buying a single component . Distance X and Angle Y needs to be Calculated

from your Speakers Make and Model Data.


PERFECT CALIBRATED SPEAKER POSITION for your MODEL can be done via EMAIL, WHAT'S APP, SKYPE and in future YOU TUBE . Contact Hermann Maischatz at 0811277938

or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



can be arranged to

 Experience the DIFFERENCE




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