In the history of audio video equipment there is no single more important fact that, a properly designed and aligned power supply which is the basis of your audio video equipment.

Most probably no review ever written was in the context of a true designed and aligned power supply and is as such null and void because the review was done in context of the faults in the power supply alignment.

The most important aspect in the power supply design is not the material you use, but the alignment procedure that you follow.

Inexpensive wiring can even have a better effect than expensive wiring as long as the correct power supply design alignment procedure is followed.

Correct power supply design alignment procedures are as follows.

The correct cable alignment procedure from the mains distribution board to the audio video equipment must be done in steps with a constant factor.

That means as an example that you have to reduce your cable size by a constant factor to the cable following it, right down to the audio video equipment.

That means that every power supply design for a specific audio video system becomes a custom design and needs to be correctly aligned to give the true reflection of the audio video equipment used.

Then only can it be reviewed or listened to in the true context of the full efficiency of the performance of that specific piece of audio video equipment.

If it is not aligned this way, then you are using the audio video equipments sound signature to fit into a faulty aligned power supply design.

And that’s why you are constantly making expensive changes to your audio video equipment to compensate for a faulty power supply design alignment.

Mains conditioners internal wiring has to be studied, so that the alignment procedure is done correctly through the mains conditioner.

Every circuit breaker and outlet socket also has to be taken into account when designing the power supply alignment.

An expensive mains conditioner without power supply alignment does not work correctly and a loss of a huge investment.

Correct power supply design alignment can be designed by AVT Audio.

We can also supply inexpensive screened solid core cables for that purpose.

Plugs and mains conditioners are also available.



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