Deanne Bell from UK

A few months ago I had a feeling I wasn't getting the best out of my system. I gave Hermann my very irregular room dimensions After calibrating my speakers everything about the music works. Tighter base, clearer treble, naturally fading decay, realistic soundstage. So real the speakers disappear. I thought ''it all the things I've wanted from my system but couldn't hear"

Then a month ago Hermann emailed with an update. Layer after layer in Nina Simone's You Can Have Him coming forward ... notes rippling across the piano betrayal, bitterness conviction, desire, freedom, Short of being at the Town Hall in 1959 I can't imagine getting closer to the soul of this piece of music.

If you're thinking of upgrading your system save your money. Ask Hermann to calibrate your speakers instead. Chances are you're going to dicover music you've never heard before.

Once I decided to add a subwoofer to my system I consulted with Hermann. It was clear from how he’d calibrated my PMC monitors last year that his understanding of the dynamics between speakers and the environment they’re in is unmatched. Hermann dialled my REL S3 subwoofer into place with precision. Then he guided me through the tricky crossover and gain fine tuning. Out of nowhere the lower, mid and top end locked into balance. Longer, fuller decays emerged. I could feel the pluck of the double bass in the room.

I’ve used subwoofers before but I’ve never heard such a seamless integration of subwoofer with loudspeaker until now. Thank you Hermann for finding the sweet spot for my monitors and sub.


Fred Hanley from Jamaica 

Hi Hermann,


Thought I’d let you know how the “Max Decor” speaker placement recommendations you sent have worked out. In two words, very well. And I highly recommend that audio folks interested in improving their listening experiences get in touch with you to benefit from this. I’ve already passed your information on to a couple friends.

Through the use of an Audio Control spectrum analyzer the sound in my room was already pretty good. However, the Max Decor recommendation moved this up noticeably. I noted: improved bass response – in volume, detail and in low frequency harmonics. There was more bass, it was clearer and tighter and there was more information. With the bass improved there was now more clarity in the midrange and high frequencies. The soundstage also improved, opening up and offering more space for the instruments. The progress of each instrument in a track was more revealed. The sound is now more ‘locked in’ and musical. Turns out I didn’t need the analyzer and I would have saved a lot of time if I’d just followed your suggestions from the start. Very impressive and highly recommended.


Thanks Hermann. Wishing you well and let’s stay in touch. If I have room acoustic and indeed audio questions I hope you won’t mind if I contact you.





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